• Andrew Cunningham is the Founder and Managing Director of Darien Analytics, a consulting firm that focusses on Corporate Governance, Bank Credit Risk and International Financial Regulation. He is experienced in both developed and emerging markets and has had long involvement with Islamic finance.

    Andrew is based in London and is proficient in Arabic and French.

    Recent projects have included advising a North African Construction company on anti-corruption measures, developing Corporate Governance policies for an East African logistics firm, teaching corporate governance best practices in Cairo as part of the launch of the International Finance Corporation’s Director Certification Programme, and designing a Banking Best Practices course for risk managers at the European Investment Bank.


Economic Reforms in Abu Dhabi

There was a collective sign of relief when the Crown Prince announced an economic stimulus package in mid-2017. Here is an article I wrote for Arab Banker on the proposed measures and the prospects for the Abu Dhabi economy.
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Analysis of the Syrian Banking System

Here are two of my analyses of the Syrian banking system. Vol2 No3 focuses on banking activity during the crisis and Vol2 No 4 estimates the cost of recapitalising the state-owned banks.
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Fintech: disruptive or not?

Here is an article that I wrote for Arab Banker about fintech, and whether or not it will be as disruptive as its apostles believe. The article has a list of useful references.
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