• Darien Analytics GCC Commercial Bank Performance Ranking 2015

    28 June 2015

    Darien Analytics is pleased to present its annual performance ranking for GCC commercial banks. This year we again analyse the performance of 74 commercial banks, but there are some newcomers compared to last year and some who are left out. We’ve also included an analysis of Islamic banks’ performance relative to conventional banks.

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  • The Regulation and Supervision of Large Banks in the Middle East

    19 November 2015

    Here is a presentation that I prepared for a seminar organised by the Financial Stability Institute and the Arab Monetary Fund for Middle Eastern bank regulators. It contains statistics on Arab banking systems and examples of policy measures that regional regulators are taking.

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Preparing for Change in Saudi Finance

Here is an article on recent developments in Saudi financial markets that I wrote for the Arab Banker magazine (of which I am editor). It appeared in October 2015.
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Analysis of the Syrian Banking System

Here are two of my analyses of the Syrian banking system. Vol2 No3 focuses on banking activity during the crisis and Vol2 No 4 estimates the cost of recapitalising the state-owned banks.
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Moroccan banks: More good news

The Moroccan banking system is not as well known as it should be. It is well regulated, healthy, and interesting things are happening there. Here is an overview of the Moroccan banking system, including statistics for the big banks, that I wrote for the Arab Banker magazine in September 2015.
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