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Andrew Cunningham advises clients on corporate governance, bank risk and performance, and international financial regulation. He is experienced in both developed and developing financial markets, and he has particular knowledge of Middle Eastern and Shari’ah-compliance finance.

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Andrew is the Founder and Director of Darien Analytics Ltd (UK registered company number 088440371).

As a consultant to the International Finance Corporation (IFC), Andrew is part of teams that conduct corporate governance assessments of banks and companies in the Middle East. (He has conducted 14 such assessments over the last five years.) He has also designed and delivered corporate governance training programmes for IFC clients and taught modules of the IFC’s Director’s Certification Programmes in Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon.

Since 2016, Darien Analytics has held a contract with DEG, the German development finance bank, to consult and advise on DEG’s recently-established corporate governance programme. He has provided the corporate governance perspective to due diligence exercises and has been hired by DEG investee companies to help them implement corporate governance improvement plans. His work for DEG has taken him to Bangladesh, Tanzania and Morocco.

Andrew Cunningham compiled Global Finance Magazine’s rankings of the world’s safest banks from 2012 to 2017.
Video Courtesy of Global Finance Magazine (www.gfmag.com).

Darien Analytics holds contracts with the European Investment Bank (EIB) and with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD to train analysts on bank analysis and on international financial regulation. Specifically, EIB has asked Andrew to design and implement a ‘Banking Best Practices’ course for its risk managers, and EBRD has asked Andrew to design and implement a course on Bank Capital Analysis.

In 2013-4, Andrew partnered with the Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP) to bid for and win multi-year contracts to train staff at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (‘Bank Credit Analysis’) and the European Investment Bank (‘Bank Analysis’ and ‘Advanced Bank Analysis’).

Andrew edited and contributed new text for updated editions of GARP’s text books on bank risk (published in 2015) and as part of GARP teams has provided consulting advice to central banks and senior bankers on issues such as bank mergers & acquisitions, bank resolution, and risk governance.

Andrew has advised the Secretariat of the Bahrain-based General Council of Islamic Banks and Financial Institutions (CIBAFI) on a range of issues and is a frequent speaker at their events. He wrote CIBAFI’s ‘Briefing’ documents on Risk Management and Compliance for Islamic Banks (September 2016) and Corporate Governance for Islamic Banks (March 2016). He has also worked for the Kuala Lumpur-based Islamic Financial Services Board, writing two of the Board’s guidance notes, and as a paid consultant to the International Islamic Liquidity Management Corporation.

In September 2013, Andrew re-launched Arab Banker, the annual magazine of the London Arab Bankers Association. The fifth edition of Arab Banker appeared in September 2017, with Andrew continuing as Editor. Andrew also oversees the ABA’s website and writes articles for the site on current developments in Arab banking and finance.

From 2012-2017, Andrew has prepared the annual ‘World’s Safest Banks’ rankings published by New York-based Global Finance magazine.

I was pleased to be able to attend CIBAFI's Members' Consultative Group meeting in Manama in December 2017, held on the sidelines of the World Islamic Banking Conference.

I was pleased to be able to attend CIBAFI’s Members’ Consultative Group meeting in Manama in December 2017, held on the sidelines of the World Islamic Banking Conference.

Andrew Cunningham began his career as a journalist, writing about Middle East banking and finance for Middle East Economic Digest (MEED) and then Middle East Economic Survey (MEES). He then spent nine years with Moody’s, the international credit rating agency, both as a credit analyst, assigning ratings to Middle Eastern and large Western European banks, and as the European manager of its Rating Assessment Service and as a member of the firm’s global Liquidity Risk Assessment committee.

In 2004, Andrew moved to Cairo to establish and manage the Egyptian and broader regional operations of the Financial Services Volunteer Corps (FSVC), a New York-based NGO that provides consulting advice to central banks, capital market regulators and commercial banks. In 2006 he moved to the firm’s head office to manage its entire Middle East franchise, which under his leadership expanded to account for two thirds of the firm’s revenues and activities.

Andrew’s work at FSVC included giving advice to the Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq on how to comply with international financial regulations; writing a work plan for the Yemeni Ministry of Finance on the creation of capital market activities in Yemen; and designing and leading training programmes on international financial regulation and risk management for the Central Bank of Libya and clients in Lebanon and Morocco.

Andrew is proficient in Arabic and French: he can (and does) conduct business meetings in Arabic and French and reads Arabic and French documents with ease. He speaks and reads basic Farsi. He used to speak fluent Greek, though this is now rusty through lack of use.

Andrew lives in London with his wife and daughter.

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