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  • 1. Darien Analytics GCC Commercial Bank Performance Ranking 2015
    Darien Analytics is pleased to present its annual performance ranking for GCC commercial banks. This year we again analyse the performance of 74 commercial banks, but there are some newcomers compared to last year and some who are left out. We’ve also included an analysis of Islamic banks’ performance relative to conventional banks.
    Click here to read the report
  • 2. New Analysis of Shari’a-complaint bank finance in Saudi Arabia
    Here’s a detailed analysis of the percentage of financing by Saudi banks that is Shari’a-compliant. It is based on the banks’ own financial statements and shows that about two thirds of bank financing is Shari’a-compliant and that such financing has been growing at 14% per year.
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  • 3. GCC Commercial Bank Performance Rankings 2014
    Which is the best performing commercial bank in the GCC? The answer may surprise you. Darien Analytics analysed the financial statements of 74 active commercial banks in the GCC and ranked their performance according to six financial metrics. UAE banks performed particularly well, but who was the winner…?
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  • 4.Assessing the Cyprus Bail-Out
    The financial assistance package for Cyprus has expanded the range of bank creditors who may be expected to bear losses as part of any future Euro-zone funded bank bail-outs. Here is my analysis of the policy implications of bail-out, and a comment on the Cyprus’s Russian connection that draws on my personal experience of living in Cyprus in the 1990s.
    Click here to read Financial Market Briefing Vol 2 No 2
  • 5. The Regulatory Agenda for 2013
    The latest issue of Darien Analytics’ Financial Market Briefing describes the current financial regulatory agenda in Europe, with a particular focus on the latest proposals for a common European bank supervisor. A Client Annex summarises regulatory proposals for bank restucturing. Click here to read Financial Market Briefing Vol 2 No1 | Click here to read Client Annex
  • 6. Banking Union Moves to the Top of European Financial Agenda
    Why has banking union moved to the top of the financial regulatory agenda in Europe and what are the challenges which polticians will need to resove before banking union is implemented? Here is a short analysis by Darien Analytics, including some statistics on the relative size of European banking systems. Click here to read Financial Market Briefing Issue 8
  • 7. Private Sector Credit Trends in the Middle East: banks hold the keys
    Commercial banks in the Middle East have hundreds of billions of dollars that they could lend the private sector enterprises and entreprenneurs in the region. What needs to be done to unblock these funds? Click here to read Financial Market Briefing Issue 6
  • 8. Analysis of Iranian Banks
    Darien Middle East has been keen to bring to Iranian banks the kind of analysis which we have done on Gulf banks. Here is our preliminary listing of Iranian banks and an analysis of current trends.Click here to see the full report
  • 9. The Future of Financial Market Infrastructure in Europe
    European financial markets are being transformed as a result of the re-regulation of financial markets prompted by the global financial crisis of 2007-2009. This report summarises the key initiatives such as CRD IV, EMIR and Mifid.Click here to read Financial Market Briefing Issue 3
  • 10. GCC Bank Rankings, 2011
    Which was the best performing bank in the Gulf in 2010? The answer may surprise you! Click here for our analysis of 70 GCC banks based on six key financial ratios. Read More | Click here to see the full report
  • 11. Lebanon Briefing: October 2011
    Here is a briefing note on Lebanese politics which I wrote following a visit to Beirut. It focusses on the International Tribunal investigating the assassination of former Prime Minister Rafik Harriri and the controversy surrounding Hizbollah’s insistence that it remains an armed force. Click here to read the report